Our Specification and goods



The Gallery Interiors offers high-end tapware that is both functional and artistically designed, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. They provide a variety of options ranging from stainless steel to luxurious gold, copper, and matte black finishes to complement any interior style.


The Gallery Interiors delivers cutting-edge appliances that not only serve their purpose but also add a touch of elegance and modernity to your home. They offer a blend of high-end and trendsetting items to suit all tastes and budgets.


Showers are no longer just a practical necessity; at The Gallery Interiors, they become a luxury experience. With an array of high-end shower systems and designs, they cater to the latest trends and individual preferences.


The basins offered by The Gallery Interiors exude sophistication and style. With a wide range of high-end to trendsetting designs, they can transform any bathroom space into a stunning visual spectacle.


The Gallery Interiors offers sinks that are more than just functional pieces; they are statement pieces that reflect the homeowners' style. From high-end luxurious designs to trendy and chic styles, they have it all.


Vanities provided by The Gallery Interiors can elevate any bathroom with their blend of functionality and aesthetics. They offer high-quality, trendsetting designs that cater to various styles and preferences.


Waste fittings at The Gallery Interiors are designed with a keen eye for detail. They offer a range of high-end options that seamlessly blend with the overall design scheme, adding a touch of elegance to the most overlooked aspect of interior design.

Toilet Fittings

The Gallery Interiors offers toilet fittings that are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. Incorporating the latest trends and high-end designs, they ensure that even the smallest details contribute to the overall aesthetics.


The Gallery Interiors offers an array of luxurious bathtubs that can transform any bathroom into a personal spa. From high-end, opulent designs to trendsetting, modern styles, there's something for everyone.


Accessories at The Gallery Interiors range from high-end to trendsetting, ensuring a harmonious blend with the overall interior decor. They offer a plethora of options to add the perfect finishing touches to any space.


Flooring plays a crucial role in interior design, and The Gallery Interiors offers a wide array of high-end to trendsetting options. From classic hardwood to contemporary tiles, they cater to all tastes and styles.

Window Treatments

Window treatments at The Gallery Interiors are designed to enhance the overall aesthetics of a room while providing functionality. They offer a range of high-end to trendsetting designs that perfectly complement any interior style.

Feature Stone

We offer a selection of feature stone, chosen for high-end builds on the Gold Coast, ensuring production and quality. Our premium feature stones will be the centre piece to any room.


Our superior bench tops stand as a testament to enduring quality and style, making them an essential element for those seeking to elevate their spaces with sophistication and functionality.

Architectural Hardware

Architectural hardware is the architectural accessories such as door handles, locks, hinges & gate hardware. Delve into the finer details of interior design with a selection from The Gallery Interiors.

Feature Lighting

Let your light shine, and turn any room into a show-stopping piece of art. Be wowed by our selection and access to feature lighting from around the world.